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Naturally Lean. Remarkably Tender.

Beef it up with MLP.
Raised without antibiotics
No growth hormones added.

Year round we are ready to accommodate your orders for quarters, halves, or whole beef.  Buying MyoLean Beef in bulk quantities is a great way to feed your family and save money while ordering meat cuts to your preference.  Please review the following information. 

Ordering by the Quarter, Half, or Whole Beef
Average weight:                                                       175 to 215 lbs
MyoLean Price (per pound on total weight):             $2.50
Average # lbs you receive in retail cuts:                    125 to 140 lbs
Estimated processing and packing fee:                      $125 - $150
Delivery:                                                                  $45      
Estimated total cost:                                             $640-$680

Average weight:                                                       350 – 410 lbs
MyoLean Price (per pound on total weight):             $2.45
Average # lbs you receive in retail cuts:                    230 – 280 lbs
Estimated processing and packing fee:                      $195 - $230
Delivery:                                                                  $45
Estimated total cost:                                             $1150-$1200
Average weight:                                                       700 – 800 lbs
MyoLean Price (per pound on total weight):             $2.40
Average # lbs you receive in retail cuts:                    500 - 550 lbs
Estimated processing and packing fee:                      $395 - $450
Delivery:                                                                  $45
Estimated total cost:                                             $2150-$2295

What you receive
Following is an example of what may make up a half of beef.  Halves, as well as quarters and whole beef, will vary in size.  The following example is only an estimate of what may be available to you in ordering a half of beef. 

Half Beef
(Approximately 375 lbs dressed weight)

Cut                                Weight in lbs
Ground Beef                  100
Roast                              50
Filet/Tenderloin                 6
NY Strip Steak              10
Rib Steak                       12
T-Bone Steak                16
Sirloin Steak                  18
Flank Steak                    3
Cubed Steak                 15
Round Steak                 15
Total Retail lbs              245 

You may also wish to request other favorite cuts like brisket, short ribs, flat iron steaks, prime rib roasts, etc. 

To order MyoLean Beef by the quarter, half, or whole:
Please contact Josh Moenning in Lincoln at 402-580-2471 or myoleanpied@hotmail.com, or
Dr. Larry Moenning in Norfolk at 402-379-4848.

Thank you for your business!